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Services                                    Starting At​

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion                                           $115

Micro Hand Treatment                                      $40

Micro Eye Treatment                                        $45

Micro Lip Treatment                                         $35

Micro Neck & Chest                                          $40

​Customized Micro                                      By Consultation

Advanced Skin Care Treatments

​Advanced Skin care treatments are customized to treat deep wrinkles, sun damage, acne and other persistent skin issues. Treatments yield dramatic results and may require minimal downtime. (Best results in a series of 5)

Service pricing is determined on an individual basis.

All skin care treatments may be purchased in a package of (5) at a reduced cost of 20%

Bridal Makeup Packages

Bride & Mother of The Bride (or Mother of Groom) $250

Personalized makeup consultation, trial makeup application, skin cleansing and priming, brow grooming, airbrush/makeup application, false lash application, setting spray and complimentary lipstick.

Bride Only                                                        $130

Same services listed above.

Attendants                                                       $65

Available to Mother of the Groom (if not included in above package)

​Skin priming, airbrush/makeup application, false lash application and setting spray.

​Flower Girl - Jr. Bridesmaid (12 & under)             $10

Lip gloss application, brush application and Jr. brow grooming.

A La Carte Services

Additional Bridal Trial Makeup                            $50

Special Occasion Makeup                                   $50

Prime, airbrush makeup and setting spay

Standard Makeup                                             $40

Eyes Only Makeup                                            $25

Airbrush Foundation Only                                  $15

Lash Application (Bands)                                   $15

Lash Application (Individuals)                            $25

Services                                         Starting At​


Hour Facial                                                           $65

Half Hour Facial                                                    $40

Back Blemish Treatment                                        $65

Eye & Lip Add On Services

Collagen Crows Feet Corrector                                $8.50

Decreases surface wrinkles, deep furrows and fine lines.

Collagen Under Eye Treatment                               $8.50

Hydrates sensitive under eye area. Reduces puffiness

and dark circles.

Collagen Lip Treatment                                                   $8.50

Hydrates the lips while reducing fine lines.

Chemical Exfoliants

Enzyme                                                               $85

Fruit enzymes and salicylic acid break down dead skin

cells to promote clarification and reduce oiliness.

Flower Enzyme                                                     $85

Revitalizes the skin with fruit enzymes and flower

extracts to stimulate gentle removal of superficial

dead skin cells.

Lactic                                                                  $75

Offers exfoliating and moisture retention properties

to promote softer, smoother skin.

​Salicylic 30%                                                       $85

Deeply cleanses pores, excellent for acne.

Glycolic 30%                                                        $85

Repairs and regenerates skin. Improves aging skin,

uneven texture and tone.

Glycolic 60%                                                        $95

An aggressive exfoliant that repairs and regenerates

skin. Improves aging skin, uneven texture and tone.

Jessner's                                                              $95

Reduces the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne

and mild rosacea.

Retinol + C Exfoliant                                             $25

Provides a mild but effective exfoliation either as a

stand alone treatment or to intensify any of the above.